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Premises Aus Pty Ltd has developed and tested a method of increasing the numbers of real people visiting your website that really works. Real Estate is a numbers game - the more people visiting your websites the better it is for listings and sales.

  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Virtual Office in a surrounding town
  • Rank in search engines for multiple towns

We have many customers with large numbers of virtual offices feeding enquiries into their main data base of listings. We also have customers where the virtual office has been so successful they have opened a physical staffed offices in the area.

To explain the method - you have your main office website as the core site and surround it with a number of virtual offices in all the surrounding towns or suburbs around your office. To make it more impressive you name the virtual sites as a local town name like your business name - town name.

So what you have is your main website and a number of individual websites which are all multilayer in construction and every site is setup on a separate IP address with the appropriate domain names pointing to the IP address - this has taken years for us to perfect as it places your website near to for the main search enquiries which is what do themselves to obtain traffic.

The critical requirement is to have your main office website and every virtual website all housed on separate IP addresses so they rank highly on the internet.

Each website looks similar but the programming on every site is completely different as each one has its own real estate domain name and the individual programming for searches in that particular virtual office. Most important all, the queries use the local searches to give it the highest possible internet traffic feeding your main website.

These are not template web sites and we use no third party software - the system has been 100% designed and built in house with our own programmers over 10 years.

It is the same as having separate offices feeding enquiries to your main office with real people and phone calls but it is the method that makes it work.

This sites will increase your traffic substantially by the multiplication factor of how many high ranking virtual office sites you have working for you.

One recent customer has tripled the number of settlements per month- call us to discuss further.

But most importantly as a listing tool - your competition cannot match your internet selling ability because you have secured the local market in all the main suburbs or towns you sell and therefore you will rank far better than any of your competition in fact equal or better than other agents selling in the other towns or suburbs.

Something never possible before but with our new system it is possible.

In your listing presentation you demonstrate to your prospective client just how you capture the local enquiries - and how you rank better than agents in other marketing areas - so you sell and list with this high traffic and you will have server stats printed report to show your customer - these days most of real estate enquiry is coming from the internet.

Properties are also automatically uploaded to the following portals at no charge: - FREE - FREE - FREE - FREE - FREE - FREE - FREE - FREE

Subscribers to the following portals are also uploaded at no extra charge: (ebooks)
ABC Photo Signs
iRealty Newsletters

As a Bonus now ranks on over 7,000 towns in Google and most other search engines which automatically generates a link - to your properties giving you even more enquiries.

Get started.

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