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The New Real Office Group Server Edition

Total Group Network Solution

Real Office is pleased to offer a NEW dedicated hardware and software solution addressing all your Real Estate business and hosting needs which can be bought or leased for a seamlessly and effortlessly integration to your existing systems.

This is capable of controlling and managing all your real estate offices that you have on the internet- either individually or in mass from 1 - 1,000 + offices. You can virtually manage an unlimited number of properties quickly efficiently and at low cost - all branded as your own network. It will also manage and control all the separate websites for every member agent you have complete with their own web address dedicated IP or shared address.

All email accounts for your head office and every individual office is managed online.

Each member website has their own individual property displays plus an overall master (head office) web site covering all member websites and properties for the entire national network with every search option you require. This engine can have any look you desire.

Benefits include:

  • Control and management of all your Online real estate web based properties via one application
  • One of the only systems that allows for individual IP addresses
  • Customised and full web branding that suits your business and groups needs.
  • Seamless integrated solution with quick setup which will lower your costs and dramatically improve your efficiency.
  • A secure and easy transfer of your Real estate property listing data to all the major real estate portals from within your own network!

In other words, you will be able to upload new and edited property listings automatically and easily to all the major real estate portals of your choice.

A massive time saver, and you WILL have control of your data as you will OWN the server which can be moved to any location of your choice!!.


Protect your data

Protecting your data is paramount in this competitive industry. With Real Office Server Edition, you can now also provide your network, and business a secure internal and external data stream with full backups of all property listings data, intranet portals, file servers, and all email, all handled by the one device,

Uploading to

Real Office Server Edition now bypasses the XML charges and setup charges for and loads the properties automatically onto as though you are loading the properties manually yourself .

Host your own website / Members Sites

With a fully integrated linux/apache/mysql/php (LAMP) solution you have the ability to run a business hosting platform from within your own network maintaining control over your own data.

Fully branded

The Real Office Server Edition software package comes fully branded and tailored to suit your group's needs.

Dedicated IP

The Real Office Server Edition has its own dedicated IP address system powering your own server and generating more traffic and enquiries when compared to a standard shared hosting solution. Every branch website can be hosted on a separate IP address generating even more traffic.


The Real Office dedicated hardware solution is so easy to set up and maintain.

Should you require advice, Real Office offers full access to our support team of systems and network engineers

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